Client:SA Rakvere Teatrimaja
Locaction:Rakvere, Estonia

Jaanus Rohumaa


Uku-Kristjan Küttis
Ott Kadarik
Mihkel Tüür


The outdoor theatre stage is built especially for a run of 12 performances of one play during the summer.  Its main architectural goal is to form a closed, comfortable and intimate space that creates an immediate connection with the audience and the actors. The architecture frames the landscape in a way that the park, trees and the pond become an integral part of the stage-set. The light wooden construction provides space and enables changing stage lighting dynamically. “We have tried to avoid a concrete narrative in this solution. The stage is an abstraction, which sets the mood.  We have approached the era and theme of the theatre project (beginning of the 20th century, futurism, young poets) from a different angle to visualize a complicated moment in European history.” The material we chose for the stage is 50×50 mm timber, which is an excellent natural material and easy to dismantle, so it gives the theatre a possibility to re-use it for any new constructions within upcoming plays. The audience podium has 420 seats, and the stage area is 280 m². “After 12 performances the stage will be dismantled and the timber and boards used for other things. There is no need to use complicated materials; wood is a nice material that architects can easily understand and work with; it is also weather-proof.”

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