Client:Spordiselts Kalev
Status:Competition II prize
Locaction:Tallinn, Estonia

Viktoria Andrejeva
Eik Hermann
Raul Kalvo
Liis Mägi
Konstantin Rõbkin
Marleen Stokkeby
Iiris Toom
Tanel Trepp
Kristi Tuurmann
Marko Leemet
Ott Kadarik
Mihkel Tüür

The competition for the Estonian National Stadium was a 2-phase public procurement where our entry was shortlisted for the 2nd stage and prized as the 1st runner-up. The stadium would be used for Estonian national Song and Dance Festival as the main arena for dancing events, as well as for sports. Our design is based on a concept of powerful entities comprising of small and light elements – like a tribe or a family being made of its members and the relations between them. So the strength of the roof is coming from the coordinated tensile cables that visually combine into a structure of a tree/plant. In the same way, the torch of the stadium is formed by the combined lights of smaller flame beams. Thus we attempt to reflect the resilience of Estonian nation – instead of a single monolithic core, the power is accomplished by a combination of multiple small elements.
The tensile-compressive ring of the stadium roof is made of laminated timber. Thus we have designed the worlds largest chariot wheel. This figure draws its power from the Fenno-Ugric mythological world-wheel.

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