Locaction:Milan, Italy

Priit Hamer
Tanel Trepp
Kristi Tuurmann
Maarja Tüür
Ott Kadarik
Mihkel Tüür

Interior design:

Kadri Tamme
Liis Mägi

Project management:
Graphic design:

Uku-Kristjan Küttis, Kaarel Kala, Alari Orav AKU


The architecture of the entire pavilion is based on the idea that it should create the best conditions for holding various performances, exhibitions, actions and presentations. The pavilion will not be formed for form’s sake but rather a framework for content that will bring the building to life.

The architectural premise for the pavilion will be a space with a clear identity, enabling visitors to get an idea of what Estonia is about. The pavilion is structured as a gallery of nature and creativity.

The pavilion composes of “nestboxes” stacked off-centre like cubes, forming the main volume of the building towards the Russian pavilion and along the side of the road inside the quarter.
A “nestbox” is a high room creating a chamber-like sectioned-off compartment of space.

After the event, the pavilion can be deconstructed and assembled somewhere else, or from the components, other functional structures can be made (bus stop, children’s playground, etc.).

The pavilion is very open to the public. The central opening of “Gallery of_” towards the south, Decumanus, entry from which, under a high, lofty awning, along with the spacious interior creates a powerful experience. Additionally, there will be entrances from the plaza to the north and between boxes from the street.

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