Locaction:Tallinn, Estonia

Indrek Rünkla
Mats Põllumaa
Mart Kadarik
Tanel Trepp
Ott Kadarik
Mihkel Tüür

Interior design:

Kadri Tamme
Jaanika Sau
Harri Kaplan
Elin-Harriet Helemäe

Landscape design:

Maarja Tüür

Project manager:

Riho Joala
Projektipea Oü

The new ERR TV Building for the Estonian Public Broadcasting is connecting the existing buildings of the organization into an integral complex. The densely packed block for studios, supporting facilities and editorial offices opens up to the street with a high lobby, that combines with the entrance square. The building is articulated into volumes to blend into the surrounding urban setting. The shape, size and facade patterns of the blocks attempt to match the adjacent buildings with the new one to become a coherent family.

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