Client:Astri Kinnisvara
Status:Competition: Public vote winner
Locaction:Tallinn, Estonia

Mari Poom
Mats Põllumaa
Indrek Rünkla
Liina Soosaar
Marleen Stokkeby
Kristi Tuurmann

The competition entry for the reconstruction of the Tallinn Central Market was commissioned as a new type of marketplace. The modern market is a shopping and entertainment centre that accommodates an abundance of functions and provides a spatial structure corresponding to those functions.
The spatial identity of the market is defined by the arched wooden construction. The arcade is a reference to the multitude of historic public buildings with vaulted ceilings that have been used for larger programmatic needs – like markets, temples, railway stations, churches and palaces. The lofty roofed public facility has layers that can be passed through via interior and exterior space.

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