Client:Peetri Puit Oü
Locaction:Põlva, Estonia

Aleksei Petrov
Priit Hamer
Krista Kohv
Harri Kaplan
Ott Kadarik
Mihkel Tüür

Interior design:

Kadri Tamme
Liis Saarnak
Harri Kaplan


Laur Lõvi
Indrek Mäe

Arcwood by Peetri Puit is an Estonian company that produces engineered wood products from laminated wood to CLT panels with a big part of the work being custom made orders. Their new factory, opened in 2016, is located in Põlva, southern Estonia.

Initially, the intention was to build two separate buildings – an office and a simple factory building. During the work process, those two merged together with the office block acting as a presentable entrance for both employees of the office as well as workers of the factory. Cylindrical columns in front of the door create a unique landscape that continues in the courtyard.

The entire complex was constructed out of wood – the main load-bearing construction is made from laminated timber while CLT panels are used for walls. All of the structures are displayed and visible. Exterior wood elements are protected from the sun, wind and rain with a double facade made out of glass. This creates a half exterior half interior space that can be used by the employees as a balcony.

Wood is a primary theme throughout the complex, it continues in the interior architecture, in the office block, as well as in the factory part of the building. Bare wood construction elements create a warm and friendly interior space in the usually cold and empty production facility. Skylights, located right above the workstations, let in some natural light to the closed factory.

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